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                                              CHAPTER FOUR

At dawn, Vergil, along with Wesker, arrived at the empty ruined place covered with the ruined columns and rubble when they reached up through the long staircase. He's little pleased to be back home called the Morris Island since he doesn't have much good memories of it for that time except for a few things such as spending his time with Dante and their mother. He even remembers the good time with his father Sparda before his death by the time they turned eight where their mother given them a amulet as a memento. It also makes him more of a anti villain unlike the others who thinks he is. Despite this, his memories means nothing to him right now as someone he once love is already long gone. After this, he stops thinking back what's in the past and starts thinking about what's right now.
"Is this the place?" He asked when he stopped and looks around this place, seeing nothing but ruins and pile of rocks.
"It appeared so..." Wesker answered softly when he stops to his feet besides him with both of his arms crossed.
"You certain? This place doesn't seem special..."
He looks at the large broken monument that is supposed to be a hell gate once before by the looks of it. So this is the summoning place...I doubt there's still some use to it unless of course she's planning to summon it. As he's about to ask one more question, he sees Wesker suddenly walking away from him as soon as he turns his look to him.
"Just where did you think you're going?"
"I'll be heading back to the town for a while." He answered when he looks at him. "I'll leave this matter to you when De-Chan arrived."
He walks back down the staircase and disappear without even bother for him to stop him, leaving him alone in this deserted place. So what am I supposed to do now? Sit there and wait for her to come and chat with me, or should I simply ignore her request and continue on my own goal? Though he cares little of his concern of risking his life if he ignores her order, he decides to stay here for a bit. And if he is right, he will leave at once without even bothering to inform Wesker. While he waits, he froze stiffly and grips his Yamato tightly when he suddenly senses something unexpected around him. He soon finds out that it's already close to him, so he quickly turns. But before he can draws out his blade, he quickly paused when he unexpectedly saw a woman in front of him which he quickly recognized by the looks of her face as well as her red dress with long black sleeves which is similar to his brother's outfit. It's utterly impossible for him to believe at first, but he quickly realized he's neither hallucinating nor being possessed by a demon. What he sees is none other than his own mother who had supposedly died saving them back then when he was still a child. He even witnessed her getting raped by a gang of demons before they ripped her apart right in front of him by the time he got there.
"Vergil..." His mother speaks to him softly when she slowly takes a few steps towards him with her calm yet sorrow look on her face. "Is that you...? How long has it been?"
His heart beats wildly inside when he slowly takes a few steps back away from her, knowing that he's too unprepared to greet her as some sort of a reunion. He becomes so speechless that he drops his jaw halfway in silent.
"It can't be..." He speaks out slowly as he stares at her face to face while trying to prevent his nerve from trembling. "You died right in front of my eyes... You can't be alive..."
For some strange reason, his body suddenly froze stiff and he's unable to back away any more, feeling his nerve froze stiffly. Unable to move, he helplessly watches his mother getting close to him with his arms hold out as if she wants to embrace him. It's not long until he almost unexpectedly burst into a tear which he does not realize until now despite he has already forsaken his relationship with humans long ago as if he has finally reunited with his family in the afterlife.
"Yes, it's been so long, but please, don't cry now..." She gently touches his cheek which feels extremely cold to him. "My, you look exactly like your father, Vergil-San..."
What? He quickly snapped back to his sense when he hears that word she has said. He then realized that he's being played with. In fact, he even senses the woman's aura which is far different compared to his real mother. As soon as he finds out who did it, he quickly draws out his blade and places its sharp blade near her neck in split second that would have proven fatal, seeing her blood slowly dripping out from her small cut.
"Don't you dare trying to take advantage of me...!" He yelled furiously when he takes a sharp glare at her. "The mother I knew would never use that word 'San', you undead woman!"
"My, how feisty of you..." The woman's voice suddenly changed.
His guess proved to be correct when his so called "mother" transformed and reveals to be Dead Master, seeing her wicked grin on her face when she transforms back to her usual self.
"You dare to take disguise yourself as my mother in front of me, woman?!" He grips his blade tightly and slit her wound wide a bit. "I do not care if you're going to send me back to the dead again, but I will NOT hesitate to kill you had you decide to jest with me once more."
"I'm just having a bit of fun, that's all." She said casually when she slowly puts his blade aside with her single tip of her finger and licks it carefully. "Come now, don't you ever want to meet someone you loved after so very long of loneliness? But to be honest, it made me want to puke when I have a thought of this, yet it does makes it a happy reunion. Don't you think?"
"Enough with your talk. What reason you decide to change your mind after our deal we've made?"
His blade remained still near her neck and he's yet to lower it until she answers his question. He despises her wicked grin when he looks at her that almost reminds him of his brother Dante who too does a grin look except she's sadistic and somewhat seductive ever since he first met her. However, he did not realized until now when he saw an amulet with both yellow and white chain hanged around her neck which looks exactly the same as the one his mother gave it to them. She also carries a huge broadsword on her back which gives away a sparkle of electricity, recognizing that it's the same sword called the Alastor Dante had once used it when he was still under Mundus's control at the time. He does not get angry all the time just because of some trivial part, but when he sees someone holding something he cherished most, he will not tolerated.
"That's..." He speaks slowly when he stares at the amulet she's wearing. "You went to Dante's place. Haven't you?"
"Oh this? Isn't it pretty?" She gently holds out the amulet.
"Give that to" He let go of his scabbard and holds out his hand to her when he demanded.
"Oh, you want it? Why?" She teases him when she asked.
"Don't play with me, you foul witch!"
He slits her wound deeper when he almost no longer able to hold his anger boiling inside him. However, he doesn't realized until he watches her gently moves towards him when she gently grips holds the sharp blade of his, watching her flow of blood lines up across it when she grips it yet she does not make a single flinch in pain like it's nothing. He's stunned when her gentleness manages to hold his blade without even putting much effort. And not only that, she also acts almost as if she's trying to seduce him. While she holds his blade, she touches his chin with the tip of her sharp claw gently.
"Please, if you cut my head, I won't be able to tell you your daddy's little toy whereabout..."
She seductively licks his nose up to his forehead with her vampire like tongue, showing her sharp canine like fangs in her mouth.
"You foul witch..."
"I would prefer if you can call me at least my usual name "De-Chan..."
I've had enough of your child's play, he thinks to himself while gripping his sword more tightly. He now wanted to kill her regardless of what consequence he's going to get if he kills her, but he decide not to as it will also ruin his chance now if something goes wrong. However, this does not mean he's going to let her playing around which he will easily lose his patience. Despite this, he lowers his sword and slowly sheaths it back when he pulls it back from her hand as soon as he wipes the blood off from his blade.
"...What are you getting at, De-Chan?" He sheaths his blade back into his scabbard.
She grins wickedly when she glares at his face and turns around.
"Let's go, Vergil-San, I've had enough fun for today."
"What about the man Wesker?" He calmly asked.
"Oh him? I've thought he's with you. No matter, I'll call him later." She turns her look to him and licks her lip. "By the way, I do love the scent of your stench, especially when I met your little brother. It makes me want to have a bite of it when Dante gets here..."
"You invited him?"
"Yes. Your brother is sexy and bad at the same time. I'm sure he'll come here sooner or later just for this..." She raises her claw up. "If he does come, then I'll make sure I'll give him a warm welcoming party..."
When she makes a loud snap, he suddenly senses hundreds of demonic power and saw thousands upon thousands of demons flying in the sky as soon as he looks up, knowing that she's planning something more than just lust for power. Woman...what exactly is your intention? And why are you interested with our family's business? He wants to ask her question of her reason why she decide to go and take Dante's family's memento instead of him, especially why she takes Dante's Alastor despite she already has her own weapon and abilities, but now it's not the right time to say it. So he remained silent and calmly follows her.

Black Rock Shooter drives her Hiro towards the cliff and stop at the edge where she can see the full view of the town from this place as soon as she finds the spot to stop by for some rest after her arrival at the new world and met a white haired person in red coat who's somehow hitting on her despite their moment was only been a minute or so. Just what exactly is your intention? She pulls out the letter from her pocket when she decides to relaxed herself against her bike for a while, but paused for a while when she sees a black star seal on it, realizing that it's not her. Can this be...? Without a second thought, she gently tears the letter opened without hesitation and reads it carefully. The letter reads:

To my little Rock-Chan,
How are you been after so very long? I'll be waiting for you at the northeast side of the Morris Island. Here, where it lies a red cross. Oh, in case you're lost, I've left something inside this envelope.

Your sincerest big sis,
White★Rock Shooter

"White...Rock...Shooter..." She whispered slowly when she reads the name.
She paused for a while when the name somehow hits her mind. At first, she thinks it's some kind of a sick joke from someone she has not met, but she later changes her mind when something hits her like she knows someone despite the fact she doesn't remembered clearly unless she has a older sister. What is this feeling I'm getting? It's as if I know her somewhere. She shakes her head to think the other way and focus carefully on figuring out what the word "red cross" from the letter meant like it's some kind of a riddle except, to her, except it's a very poor one. She quickly gives up figuring out the riddle when the only thing she knows what the Red Cross is the hospital. Very smart of you, sis, yet unoriginal. Though she has some doubt about her guess, there's very little time for her to figure out the real answer now. So without a second thought, she slowly pulls out another one out of the envelope. What she pulls out reveals to be a typical white postcard stamp with a black star. As she holds it, the bright shining bulb like thing with wing suddenly appears out of it and gently floats slowly to the left and suddenly halt like it's waiting for her. She finds it gimmicky to her when she recognizes its appearance aside from understanding what the flying "thing" is meant for. No wonder Nintendo became so popular these days. She's planning not to follow her "big sister" advice when she thinks it's another trick but she realized there's no other lead. With little time she has left, she takes the slim chance and gets back on her bike without hesitation as she quickly follows it.

In the middle of the night, she arrived at the outskirt of the town called "Morris Island" when she drives past the sign. She finds this glowing thing proved useful than what she has thought which puts her doubt at ease a bit. However, she feels somewhat unease when she unexpectedly senses something dangerous ahead. I don't like this. She grips her bar handle tightly a bit and slows her bike's speed with caution. By the time she arrived, the town's already deserted. The only thing left there are destroyed buildings, wrecked cars, and even a human remains which means she may encounter more demons like last time. Most of which are hanging on the wall that's shown to be too gruesome such as the horribly mutilated corpse of the women and children remain as if they're crucifying on one innocent to the next. Despite this cruel act the demons have done, however, to her it's nothing more than a simple trick that scares people off though she feels pity to those who have been a victim to these twisted act. While she continues to follow the light through the carnage street, she saw no sign of demons nor will she be able to hear which she hears nothing but burning flames and even a strange yet faint sound coming from nowhere. This makes her sharpen her instinct when she thinks that the demon here are more than willing to attack her in mob group, but at the same time, remained calm and confident. As she drives on, she steadily halts her bike when the light has been exploded into a thousand sparks, meaning that she has arrived at the place her "sister" has mentioned. Could this be it? She calmly walks up the staircase and walk towards the front door with her hand placed closely to her blade. But before she can enter, her instinct her when she senses a strange yet familiar scent.
"Greetings. You must the girl who holds that generic yet unique name, Black Rock Shooter." The voice speaks out to and greets her by her name from behind. "It's a great pleasure to meet you in person, young lady."
She quickly turns around and saw a blonde haired man appears down the staircase. The blonde haired man appears to be middle age between forty or fifty and wears a complete black outfit consist of long two tailed coat, a gloves, a vest with zipper under his coat, a jean, and a boot. He also wears a black sunglasses shades which seems inappropriate at the place like this. That scent...she slowly thinks to herself when she senses the faint scent of Dead Master flowing from the man's body, or rather his tainted soul and power rest inside him.
"Who are you?" She cautiously asked.
"My name is Albert Wesker." He introduced himself and gently pushes his shades back on with his single finger, smirking his face. "Let's just say I merely came here for interviewing with the young lady like yourself..."
"If I'm not mistaken, you must be another one of her puppets." She said to him.
"What are you talking about?"
"Tell me where she is." She demanded.
"Please, try at least to make sense. I merely come here for interview..."
"Now." She glares sharply at him, releasing her power inside her while fighting and letting her blue flames burst out of her left eye wildly.
She watches Wesker's face continues to smirk and saw his finger moves away from his shade. She admitted to herself that she has made a rush move of saying it without preparation of what's coming after this, but she knows it will met a same end anyway. While she waits for him to answer, she got caught almost off guard when Wesker quickly dash towards her at blind speed. Realizing of his cheap surprise move, she quickly draws out of her Black Blade and slices halfway through his palm of his hand, seeing his hand almost reaches her neck. So this is what he called an "interview"?
She throws him off her blade and sends a single quick slash at him, but she missed when he has manage to recovered himself in time and jumps out of the way by back flipping. She has several other odd things about this man Wesker she wants to found out, but her focus is already filled with fighting instinct and she doubt she has enough time to think. And as soon as he gets a short but good distance away from her, he charges her once more and attacks her at blind speed like slide show with his fists alone. Both of their long tail coat flies up high as she's forced to move and counters every attacks he has sent at her, watching the sprinkle of his blood flies out whenever he hits against the sharp blade she has blocked with.
"Such quick reaction and skillful you are, my dear. Especially when we have something in common in terms of our appearances." Wesker complimented as he slowly becomes much faster and difficult for her to block with. She sees his cat like eye glowing through his shade in red. "However, it takes more than a mere sword to kill me."
He grabs hold of her blade steadily and throws her off in the air with little effort he have put in. Knowing this, she lands on the ground softly and attempts to counters his fierce attacks he's about to send with. But as she's prepared, she's suddenly got shot by a hails of bullet Wesker has fired with only his handgun without even seeing him reloading his gun in split second, seeing many spent cartridges and clips falls like a rain. While she dodges through his rain of shots, Wesker manages to gain the upper hand when he attacks her from behind, using only his opened palm hand as an lunging strike. He then stomps her in the chest and holds her down. She tries to raises her blade to cut his leg off to free herself, but her rib is slowly crushed by his brute strength force her to hold still at the moment.
"You've done well, but you have a long way ahead of you. And unfortunately, it's too late for you to change that." Wesker said while slowly crushing her rib, making a arrogant like sneer look on his face. "I do hope you'll be useful as a nice souvenir if I brought you to her."
She instantly snapped when he referring "her" to her friend and quickly grab hold of his leg without, feeling her blue flames blazed wildly by her increasing power she has inside her. While she holds his leg, she lift up her blade and attempts severe his limb so that he won't move as fast as he used to, filling it with flames while she's at it. And at the same time she uses her entire strength to hold him as long as she can despite her rib being slowly crushed the more she resist. However, she soon loses her grip and let Wesker takes his chance to jump away from her dangerous blade in back flip, leaving only a wide cut on his thigh. She then jumps back up on her feet and lunge her blade at him head on while he's recovering himself at blind speed before his eyes, but she didn't see it when he manage to move out of the way and breaks her right elbow in the opposite way. She ignores the pain from her broken arm and sends her powerful roundhouse kick right in front of his face besides him in split second, taking him by complete surprise and forces him to be pushed back from her powerful force. She watches his blood sprout from his broken nose.
"I see, you're just not like one of those worthless scums. I should thank you for helping me resolve my sheer arrogance." He breathed heavily from his bloody nose and calmly wipes his blood off. "It's no wonder she bears a great grudge against you."
"Enough of your thanks. Tell me where she is right now." She snapped while she pulls her broken arm back to where it belongs without even bother to feel the pain before she kicks her blade next to her and catches it. "Unless, of course, you want to have your limb go off one by one."
"That's something I look forward to..."
Wesker makes another sneer on his face and readies his fist. She prefers not to drag this fight on and continue to find Yomi with or without making him to tell where exactly she is despite his aura that belongs to her after fighting, but her decision did not always gives her more than one choice. Each of the choice she has made is slim, but to her, it's more than enough to accomplish her goal. Without anything else to think, she readies her blade and sharply watches him as he makes his quick move around her. Behind me. Her instinct hits her when she quickly senses Wesker moving behind her. But before she can even make her move, a shot suddenly rings out and went past her as soon as she turns and jumps back away from him which he too jumps back as well. Huh? She looks to the right to see who fires the shot while holding her position, but is unable to spot one.
"Ah, ah, ah. Take one more step and I'll make a pretty hole out of you." She hears the woman's soft voice. "What did I tell you about not to play with her?"
"Stay out of my way, little miss." Wesker speaks out calmly. "I'm having an interview with her..."
Another shot fired and nearly hits his head, seeing the part of his shade shattered to pieces and falls off. With his shade removed, she can now clearly see his red cat like eyes which looks inhuman.
"Care to say it one more time?"
She saw him taking a few steps back.
"Hmph, that figures..." Wesker smirked and takes a one last look at her. "You are lucky, young lady, seems that you have someone who actually care for you. So I'm going to let you live a little longer."
He jumps up high and land on the roof.
"Hey, wait!" She tries to catch up and stop him, but he disappear from her sight before she even have a chance to move fast. "Dammit..."
She grips her blade tightly in anger when she realized that she has lost the lead thanks to mysterious woman who happens to came out of nowhere and interferes. Her anger causes her blue flames to grow wider. Now I have lost him, how am I supposed to find her when I have no idea where she is unless...? When she calm herself down after her short anger, she looks to the other way and saw the woman, who looks as young as her, finally reveals herself.
"How troublesome that man he is... I'm lucky I've got here on time." The woman said when she landed softly. She turns her look to her. "Hi there."
She's stunned when the young woman face has the exact same look as her except she has her neon eyes with magenta, her pure white spiky hair with even ponytail on each side, and her lesser tan skin. The most obvious difference about her is her size of her breast. She has a similar outfit consist of her long two tail jacket with black bar line and star, a pair of white gloves, and almost everything with few differences. She also wields a large broadsword that somewhat resembles the young man in red sword. The woman looks as if she's the opposite version of herself.
"You..." She speaks out slowly.
Could she be...?
"It's been a very long time, my dear little Mato." She said politely with a smile.
The woman who stands before her is none other than White Rock Shooter. She's stunned to see that she actually has a older sister when she calls her name though she still doesn't believe it.
"What's wrong, Mato? Do you have anything say to your big sis?"
"I don't remember having a sis who happens to have a same face as me." She answered coldly.
"Hmmm... It seems we have many things to catch up..." She smiled again and around. "Care to follow me?"
She remained still for a second and cautiously decides whether or not she should follow her despite the fact she's one who sends a letter to her. With no choice, she decides to follow her. First the priest, and now this? Just what the hell have I gone into?

Dante drives his motorcycle across the long and finally arrived at the town he have once lived called "Morris Island". The town was once his home where he and his family including his brother Vergil happily lived there, even his demon father Sparda. However, when he was invited his former friend Ernest and discovered the truth about the reason why their home town got burned and many people had died, he was soon thrown out and was told to never return again. The reason why was simply because he was a demon who, along with his family, had been hunted down by a demons after the death of his father which result the loss of his mother and his separation with Vergil as well as having many people in town died. That event is where he'll never forget even if it's been like thirty or so years. Home sweet home, he thinks to himself as he drives into the town. I hope you'll be there, miss little Dead Master. He then thinks the other thing. That lady with pretty blue eyes and flames. I wonder if she's here as well. When he reaches the town, he's shocked that the street is deserted and fills with remains, corpses, and ruined building. The only thing he knows the cause of this destruction and slaughter are the demons themselves. Though gruesome, he neither feels sad nor has the time over the innocent who were the victim of this act the demons have committed though it doesn't mean he's completely heartless. To him, they're simply just a poor innocent people who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Guess I'm not the only one who has been invited. While he drives his way across the bloody street, he quickly senses the demonic presence and saw a mob of demons suddenly ambushes him from all side, meaning that they know they have a new lunch to eat on the menu. Most of the demons are consist of typical pink skinned lizard with sharp claws and ugly face that reminds him of the Playstation game he's been playing a while ago. But as soon as they're close to him, he moves out of the way to dodge their strike and kicks most of them with his leg while he's driving. Well, what a surprise. Didn't know I have a surprise birthday party even though it's not. All right then...! Feeling his cocky and his about-to-go-crazy urge burning inside him, he rams against the demons next to him and drives all the way up the building.
"This party's getting crazy, let's rock!" He cried out with a cocky smile when he flies up high in the air.
He gets off his bike while in midair and whacks many demons as soon as they too flies up high to catch him, using it like a huge baseball bat which in fact he's been thinking about it lately. While using his bike, he twists the bar handle forward to increase the speed and kills as many as demons as he saw with his inhuman strength. He then jumps back on and spins it like crazy, killing more demons as a result. As he continues to grind more demons with his crazy stunt, he makes a loud cheerful yet cocky noise while swinging his bike madly. In fact, it almost makes him as if he's nineteen years old boy again. He hasn't done any crazy stunt for some time so he decides to do what hasn't been done for so many years since then. One of which is this. After finishing off the last remaining demon, he jumps back on his back in split when he's about to make a huge crash landing. When he crash land on the roof, he continues to drive to one roof to another. While hopping his way through each rooftop, he unexpectedly saw a huge demon comes out of the building below, forcing him to land on the hard road that almost break his butt. When he makes another land and steers to the other war, he sees two more demons that as huge as the first one who are also coming from the building. Three of them? Well that's perfect... Wait I have an idea. Just hope this thing can hold a bit more of this. Though he admits it is indeed the most stupidest way, he does so anyway and jumps off his bike again.
"Hey, has any of you guy played sport?" He shouted while he lifts it up single handily. "I do!"
The three of them didn't make their move when they tilt their head in confusion like they didn't understand his word, making an awkward. Well this is awkward. Didn't they that at least smart. Well then...
"What? You scared?" He taunted casually.
His word finally got their attention and saw them charging head on from the building without hesitation. He dodges the first one in quick reaction and flies up in the air.
"Here goes!" He dives down and slams the demon down in the head with only his bike like hammer. He then makes a huge swing and sends him crashing through the building. "Strike one!"
One down. After finishing the first one, he makes another swing and sends the second the same way as the first. That's two down!
"Strike two!"
And here comes the last! As he watches the last demon charging at him head on as a last, he twists the handle bar forward handle and quickly prepares for one more swing.
"And it's a hooooome run!"
He smashes the demon's face and sends him all the war up in the air and land with a huge bloody splash inside out.
"Whew... That's bit overkill..." He admitted as he slowly puts his bike down.
But when he places it down, he's shocked that the entire part is gone and only leaves the bar handles in his hand. Oh shit. By the time he realized, he saw the part of the bike falls down from the sky and shatter to hundreds of pieces, leaving him jaw dropped with his eyes wide opened.
"I'm so getting my dick's ripped off out of this..." He speaks out slowly and feels his heart pounding in anxious.
And all my money I've working ass off will go down the toilet. With his bike gone, tosses the last part away. Guess I have to walk on foot then. He shrugged and begins to walk. But the question is, where should I go from here? He scratches the back of his head when he thinks. Damn, I should have thought it before. Unless there's some riddle or a random Jester that annoys me a hell lot at least, I'm pretty much screwed. While he pace around for an answer himself, he quickly stop when his mind is struck by something. Goddammit I forgot, Ernest and his wife! I better get to them fast even though it's been a damn long time. I'm not sure if the old lady is still alive. He knows there are more people hiding their own place he need to rescue, but it will be tedious for him to go one place to the next when he already has his hand full. Knowing this, there's really nothing he can do now but to let them do on their own. It may sound cold but, to him, he's just a devil hunter who only takes any odd job and do what's right. He's planning to go to his home to get them but the street is crawling with demons and he'll be too late by the time he actually get there. Going to his home is not a good idea... Guess that leaves me only one place. Sensing more demons coming this way, he runs across the street to the place where he and Ernest once went there, hoping it's still there after all these years.

Bingo! He's surprised that the hospital is still there except it's covered with blood and the air is reeks with corpse he has smelled not too long ago. When he's about to charge in, he suddenly smells something familiar when he passed by. That scent, could this be the person I've met early? He bents his knees down when he saw a track and touches it. It's been there a while, looks like I was right, sorta. He stands up to his feet. But first, I gotta bail his sorry ass out. When he's prepared, he walks up the staircase and kicks the door opened, drawing both of his Ebony and Ivory gun out. While he's inside, the lobby looks not much different from the outside though the only exception is the stink of blood and guts overflowing the air. It's not long until he quickly spot a handful demons consist of insect like creatures and the hooded one with blood scythe which reminds him of the one he has been fighting months ago taking a huge munch on the poor victims they have killed recently in the hallway to the right.
"You guys mind if I join the party?" He asks the demons loudly which many of them turns their ugly looks to him, hearing most of them growled in hunger. He grinned and aims his guns. "Guess that's a yes, right?"
As soon as he hears them roared, he fires a full flip at them and fills the floor with blood and mutilated corpses. When he sees none of them moved, he walks over them and continues on. He then senses more demons coming and saw most of them appearing both in front and behind him.
"Let's get this party started...!"
With a smirk, he makes a dash move fires his guns like crazy on any demons he saw on sight while hopping around to avoid their petty attacks without hesitation. As he fight hordes of them, he jumps over them and makes a huge deadly spray of bullets when he spins, leaving them in a huge bullet holes. Blood sprays over the place and filling the floor with spent cartridges and missing limbs the more he shoots and kills. He then points his guns at both direction and kills more demons attack him from both side. And while he's firing, he quickly moves fires more rounds at them as soon as they're close. Time to move. When he's finished, he dash his way across the hallway and search anyone who's still alive while making his hit and run as more demons came. He soon hears a loud scream of a woman coming from the room ahead of him, making him turn to the left and barge in. When he's inside, he saw a woman being brought down to the ground and harassed by one of five demons around her like they're raping her. Oh no you don't. He aims and blows each of them apart, saving her from being raped. He walks towards her and help her get up.
"You all right there?" He asked.
"N-no, stay away!" She screamed when she slaps his hand away and crawls back to the corner of the wall.
"Hey easy there, I'm not one of those douche bags over..." He calms her down.
"...Dante?" She slowly speaks out when she finally calms herself down shortly.
He paused for a while when he recognizes her face. He's amazed that it is indeed Ernest wife which she's now look thirty despite she's forty or so according the years of absent since the incident.
"Is that you Dante?"
"Uuh, yeah..."
"It's been so long and you haven't aged a bit..."
"Gee, uh, thanks. Guess we have many things to catch up. Anyway, where's Ernest?"
"Where is he? I have to get him out of here quick."
"H-he's in the second floor, room number forty seven..." She points her finger to the right for him.
"Thanks." He stands up and help her get up. "Come on, let's go."
Something's not right about this, but I don't sense anything strange about her. When she's fully standing, he leads her out of the room with his guns at ready and runs past many demons, taking several pot shots while running. When they reach the stair, he grab hold of her hand when he bites his Ebony hold and runs up the stair. Time to light it up. As soon as they reach up stair, he moves her out of the way and grabs the fire extinguisher from the broken glass case besides him. He then makes a huge explosion when he throws and fires it on the bunch of demons with his other gun, turning them into a living barbeque place. That should hold them off for a while. He grabs her hand again and runs across the next hallway until he quickly spot the room with a sign says number forty seven. This is it. He let go of her hand and draws his Ebony out of his mouth, spitting the taste of his own gunpowder's scent he has been holding in his mouth. The room seems to be heavily barricaded when he tries to open it, so he uses his inhuman strength to break them down with his single leg as usual. When he manages to break in without much trouble, he saw man cowering behind the bed along with the nurse. The man seems to be Ernest all right by the look of his face without sensing a trace of demon.
"Yo, Ernest, you there?" He calls him out. "If you're going to hide here with some pretty busty nurse, then I leave you alone."
"Who are you?! Get out of here now!" He yelled angry and tries to throw at him with a lantern, but a nurse stops him from doing so.
"Ernest, please calm down! Dante just come here to get you out of here."
He watches Ernest lowers the lantern when he hears his wife.
"Dante?" He speaks out slowly and looks at him.
"Hey there. It's been a while, huh?" He greets him with a wave casually.
He sees his face turns sour with anger when he comes out and walks towards him. He didn't flinched when he punches right into his face.
"You fucking asshole! You did this!" He yelled in rage. "You send those demons to attack us! Is that how you've been waiting for this, you fucking murderer!"
Oh geez, he doesn't change, didn't he? He's starting to get irritated by him as he rages on with useless slang against him while punching him recklessly.
"I told you to never come back, and yet you do! I'm going to kill you! I'm going to..."
"Dude, will you just shut up for a minute? If I am, I would have eat your yummy guts and rape your pretty wife, way before this!" He snapped when he quickly got sick of the word his so called friend has said to him and grabs hold of his collar, lifting him up. "Listen, you dumb shit, you got two choices. Either you keep bitching and get killed, or get your sorry ass up and running! Now go!"
He let go of him and hands him over to his wife. Time to get my ass moving. Not listening to his stubborn protest, he leads them out of the room and head to the right side of the hallway. Now his rescue is complete, all need he to do is just leading them out of this place. He doesn't like leading them through the gang of demons since he's used to fighting alone, or occasionally with one experienced fighter or two, but he doesn't mind and do it the way he does as always. He decide to to take the other stairway since the first stairway he has went through is already in flame and going up stair would be complete stupid as well. While he's leading them, he saw more demons blocking their way. And as soon as he sees them, he blows his way through them with only his trusty gun, making their blood and guts spray over their body. He doesn't care of what Ernest have said to him when he witness his merciless demon killing and his unchanged grin even when he calls him a murderer as long as he get everyone out alive and well. Here's the stair. He spots the down stair. Almost there...
"You people better keep up with me because I'm not going back to save you if you're screwed up." He tells them while he's busy gunning his way through the hordes of demons for them.
"Wait, what about my daughter?!" He hears Ernest's wife quickly asked.
Now she's telling me she has a daughter? Dammit, she should have said it earlier in the first place!
"I have to go get her. She's somewhere in the next floor, and I can't just leave her alone!"
"We don't have time for that!" He yelled and tries to stop her when she runs off ahead of him. "Hey wait! Shit!"
"Hey wait! I'm coming with you!" He sees Ernest follows her.
As they are about run up stair, they've been ambushed by another pack of demons that are waiting for them from the same place they're about to head up to. Dammit, could this situation get any shittier or what? But before he attempts to save them, he suddenly feels a sharp pain when a organic spikes suddenly pierce through his entire body from behind, causing him to lose grip of his Ivory.
"What the hell?!" He yelled as he quickly turns his look around and turns out it's the nurse who did this. "Sneaky bitch!"
Shit, why can't I sense her demonic power in the first place?! While he's busy trying to break free, he turns his look back and sees both of them being cornered by those demons, making the situation a lot worse.
"Shit!" He cursed and tries to break free of her spikes impaling both of his hands.
As soon as he manages to pulls himself, he quickly draws out his Rebellion sword and shatters her spikes to pieces. It's not long until he turns and saw the demons already got close to them and it's only a matter of second for him to react before it's too late. And at the same time, the demon nurse attempts to impale him with more spikes, making him want to curse more. But before he can even make a quick move, he suddenly saw something sharp went right past him and sees many demons being impaled by a hundreds of sharp blades which many of them died in split second. And not only that, the nurse also got stabbed by hundreds of blades as well before she, miraculously, got exploded. Huh? Who the hell...? When he turns to the other side to see who did it, he quickly spot a tall man who appears to be a priest in his late thirty by the look of his collar and cross hanging around his neck standing in the back of the hallway in front of the window, seeing his round glasses glowing as if he's dangerous. The priest has a blonde spiky hair, partial beard and a fairly long scar on his left cheek. His uniform is not much different wears a long gray two tailed coat with purple trim, a cross, a pair of white gloves with letter engrave on each of his hand which he can't see it clearly, and so on. He also has a twelve year old girl hiding behind him. Although the priest did save him from the near death experience, he wonders why a priest is doing here in the slaughterhouse, especially when he's very skillful with blade to begin with, making him think he's more than just a simple priest. However, that makes him take interest of that priest in terms of his suspicious. And for some reason, he senses some strange aura flowing from the priest himself which he can't tell whether or not he's the demon impersonating him despite his skill.
"Oh my god, Mary!" He hears Ernest's wife cries out for her, thinking the girl standing behind him is probably her.
"Mommy!" The girl shouted.
But before those two can reach her, he stops them when he raises his sword.
"Dante, what the hell are you doing?!" Ernest yelled when he sees him.
Without hesitation, he throws it directly at the priest. He didn't hit him and instead saves him from the demon who's about to attack them from behind, sticking the demon against the wall when his huge blade pierce its body besides him. Huh, he didn't flinch at all. He sees the priest neither flinched a bit nor seeing his face changed except for the girl.
"Heh." He grinned as he summons his sword back to his hand and sheaths it. "You shouldn't be here...pop."
When he's finished speaking, he lets Ernest and his wife runs joins with their daughter.
"Oh my god, you're safe." She cried in relief when she embraces her. She looks at the tall man. "How can I ever thank you, Father?"
"There is no need for praise, miss. I'm merely just fulfilling my duty in the service of god." The priest answered with a gentle smile in his pure Irish accent.
Well, what a touching moment. He picks up his Ivory gun from the bloody floor he has dropped, yet he only holster his Ebony instead of both because he has a feeling there's going to be one serious duel. That is, unless he wish to challenge him in the middle of chaos.
"Miss, I would like you and your husband take your daughter and go. I have to speak with that man shortly."
"Okay. Mary, come on." His wife takes her daughter along with her husband out of here, but their daughter won't move an inch. "Mary?"
The priest looks down to her who looks at him innocently like she can't leave without him which explains why she keeps holding his tail coat.
"I'll be okay, child. Do what your mother told you." He gently removes her hand and pushes her to her parent. "God be with you all, child."
Without wasting any more precious second, they leave both of them behind and run down the stair until they no longer hear their footsteps. The two men in long coat stand silently without speaking as he and the priest are now left alone in this bloody hallway filled with corpses of demons. For some reason, he thinks it's a bit awkward when both of them wear a long coat except with different color scheme which makes him think back the day where he and Vergil met face to face.
"So, what is it you want me to talk about?" He asked. "If it's about my naked chest, thanks but no thanks, I like it this way."
"It seems you're fond of Jester around at the time like this." The priest smiled with a grin. "You must be Dante, the devil who has been banished along with his human mother from his homeland for allowing the hordes of demons invade them, who hunts his own kind and defeat many powerful demons. I have heard you're the son of the great demon knight Sparda and also have a long forgotten older twin brother as well."
"Who are you calling a devil, pop?" He answered while playing with his gun a bit. "So I guess you're a hunter who wants to have a piece of me, right?"
"Right you are, you pathetic bloodthirsty demon..." He suddenly summons both of his long knives like blades from each of his sleeves. "I am Alexander Anderson, the instrument of god's divine punishment from heaven. I am the priest who have served the goddess of the moon and fought many countless demons and heretics, long before you're even born!"
Geez, nice preaching for an old geezer like you. His instinct hits him hard when he sense danger coming. Before he can even prepare, Anderson unrealistically throws hundreds of his single pages and sticks each wall with knives. It's not long until he realized that he has trapped by his some sort of barrier, feeling his power has suddenly got weakened by an unknown that's probably comes from the pages.
"What the hell..." He whispered softly, surprised by his effect of his pages that suddenly weakens him. "Dude, you purify this place?"
"Correct, so the filthy demons like you can't use your cheap, black magic. Hehehehehheheh...!" Anderson sadistically chuckled with a grin on his face and crosses his blades into a cross like shape altogether.
"We are the representative of the god! Our duty is to punish those who dare to defy the lord down to their last flesh and bone, even if they are human. And eventually, we shall crush their remains and salt the earth. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. That's where you will become... Amen."
Geez, persistent old fart. He really should know his place. Realized that he has no choice, he draws out his Ivory gun and points it directly at him. He can now clearly sees the the word engraving on each of his hands that reads "Speak With Dead" and "Jesus Christ is in Heaven"
"Dude, learn to get another hobby..." He said to Anderson with a grin. "You sure pick a wrong guy to fight with."
Less talk, more ass kicking. He stands firmly as he waits patiently for him to strike first, keeping his finger on the trigger. While they make a lengthy stand off against each other without breaking a sweat, he begin to feels somewhat unease when he's facing him probably because he can still sense a strange aura coming from him. His strange aura seems similar to the tyrant who has a same scent as Dead Master except it's entirely different. In fact, it makes him want to have a first taste of real challenge with Anderson. I don't know what the hell is this I'm sensing, but I'm having a feeling this pop is not human. He may look like one on the outside, but he can't fool me on the inside. While he's busy glaring at him, he quickly move when Anderson makes his first move and attacks him with quick slashes, seeing his cold look in split second. Neither of them manages to hit him. He continues to slash at him ferociously until they make a quick standoff when he puts the barrel of his gun against his forehead while he pierces his blade into his chest. His blade doesn't seem to be an ordinary when he unexpectedly feels his body burning inside him.
"You put something in that blade, haven't you, pop?" He asked casually while ignoring the pain.
"Heheheh..." He chuckled.
"This bullet is only for demons, but it will do to send you to hell, oh father!"
Without a second thought, he squeezes the trigger and blows his forehead. Anderson cries in pain when he sends him flying in the air and spill the floor with his own blood and his tissue remains as soon as he land, making last breath before the fatality kills him. Shit, I shouldn't have done that. He cursed angrily in regret when he realized he has actually kills a human. No time for whining, Dante, it would be inevitable either way.
"Damn, this toy's actually hurt..." He groaned when he pulls the blood stained blade out of his chest and drops it to the floor. He walks over the corpse of Anderson. "You have got some guts trying to attack me head on, but in the end, you should have stay at your church..."
I better get out of this barrier before it kills me. I didn't know his toy's still after he's dead. He stops to his feet when he sense something's wrong. Wait a minute, could this mean...? He suddenly feels a strong aura coming from behind. As soon as he turns around, he quickly got stabbed by hundreds of chanted blades before he can even react. He soon found out that the one who attacks him is none other than Anderson himself. He's caught by complete surprise when he saw him standing perfectly still with both of his blade's at ready even he has a huge bullet hold sizzling in his forehead, seeing his grin on his face when he lowers his head. It's not long until his wound's slowly regenerate back to normal.
"What the hell? I shot you in the head point blank..." He breathed heavily when he sees him.
"I have taken eye for an eye!" Anderson cried out. "This god's divine gift has been given to me to deal with the likes of you!"
"Oh, shut it with that speech, old man. Your sour as vinegar preaching started to tick me off real fast." He aims his gun at him without taking any chance. "You got a nice add on, but if I put a few more bullets into your head, you'll stay down for good. So let's cut to the chase, start praying for Jesus Christ!"
"Hmph, empty threat from the brash demon in red who hides behind the weapons of men!"
"Keep talking, you loony pop..."
He realized that he won't last long with his wound unless he escape the barrier or else his wound won't regenerate, but it doesn't mean he can't defeat him now even in his state like this. When Anderson's about to go for a kill, he's suddenly stopped when a loud music ring tone rings out. It's not long until the noise is coming from Anderson's cellphone when he sheaths one of his blades and pulls it out.
"Yes?" He speaks calmly when he flips it open and put it on his ear. "Understood, but I'm engaging him now... Yes, my lady, I'll be there at once..."
"Who is that you're talking just now? Don't tell me you're missing a date or something." He joked.
"It seems that I won't be able to finish you right now."
He saw Anderson pulls out a hardcover bible and opens it, making him think he's about read a tedious bible passage to him for nor apparent reason. It's not long until he summons thousands of pages bursting from his book and surrounds him in huge whirlwind.
"Let us kill against each other again the next time we meet, Dante!"
Anderson makes a last grin and disappears along with his pages. The barrier soon lifted when he left. However, his blade is still burning which forces him to take it off one by one while his wound's slowly regenerate.
"Gee, thanks for your kind word, old geezer." He said as he walks away. "Heh, you still piss me off though."

The man in the long red coat who wears a big rounded hat walks across the opened grass field in the middle of the night. The place he has traveled back when he still served his former master Integra during the night where he has first met Seras. And for some, he feels relaxed when he walks there.
However, this is not the reason why he came here just for that after his fun battle with Vincent Valentine. While he travels across the plain, he looks up at the sky.
"What a perfect night..." He speaks out softly. " makes me want to have a bite to drink..."
Goddamn, how many weeks has been pass after many shitload of delays? Well. here's Chapter four with the new cover.
Although this one is painfully slow, I did have a lot of fun doing it such as the fight and interaction between Wesker and Black Rock Shooter as well as Anderson encounter Dante.
Anyway, this chapter covers the part where Dead Master is planning something big while Dante and Black Rock Shooter are heading the to town to search for her while being unaware each other.
This chapter mostly covers about Dante's part more than the BRS part mainly because he has no idea where DM location is, so he goes to the hospital and rescue his former friend who still happens to be an real asshole after all these years.
This chapter seems a bit special mainly because I've done the part where Dante heads to hospital is mainly inspired by Hellsing anime ep 3 where you can find similarity.
I hope you enjoy this as much as the last one because you can found many characters who retains their character personality such as Anderson with proper character's trait with ABSOLUTELY no Shone Jump-ish where many part where character trash talking constantly while in the middle of the fight while making a inappropriate use of word unlike the other one.

Next Chapter:

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Inspired by most scenes from Devil May Cry anime and game and Hellsing anime and OVA:

Vergil meets Dead Master face to face:

BRS encounters Albert Wesker:

BRS big sis interrupts the fight:

Dante drives his way and fights hordes of demons with a motorcycle:

Dante strikes three demons:

Dante fights Anderson (Depends of which language you prefer for Anderson character):

Alucard makes his appearance again:

To see what relationship Dante and Ernest has been, see DMC anime episode eight:

Image of BRS cover belongs to the rightful owner. Preview image belongs to me

Black★Rock Shooter :iconbrsplz: belongs to HUKE
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All other minor characters belongs to Anime Studio Madhouse

All content including models and weapons, with the exception of my idea and posing creativity, used with XNAlara program belongs to the rightful owner.
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