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"Boy, could this day gets better or what?" He speaks out with his cocky look when he stands up to his feet and turns around to her. "Hey, you all right there...?"
He got pretty flames, but I don't have time to deal with this kid. She didn't bother listening to him when she quickly turns away from him without saying a word to him, sheathing her Black Blade and sealing her power inside her which causes her flaming blue aura to go out again as well.
"Hey wait, are you one of the Satan's kids? I sure didn't find any Satan's girl these days." The black haired boy asks her when he's trying to stop her. "Hey, are you listening to me? Don't tell me you're muted or something."
This guy is beginning to annoy me. She's annoyed a bit when she hears him talking to her a lot more without giving any respect to her, yet she didn't care about it.
"Sorry, you got the wrong person." She finally speaks out to him when she stops to her feet for a while without looking back to him. "Now leave."
"Then what's with the blue flames? Huh? I doubt you're going to trick me."
She remains silent when she ignores his stupid question once more and walks away from him again.
"Hey, I said wait!" The black haired boy walks towards her and attempts to grab her in the shoulder.
But before he can even lay a finger on her, he's quickly stopped when she draws out her Black Blade and almost slices his head off in split seconds, placing the long sharp edge of her Black Blade besides his neck.
"Leave. I won't ask you the third time." She warns him when she glares at him, seeing his look froze while holding her Black Blade.
"Oh, you're afraid that I'll hurt you or something because I'm one of the Satan's kids too? Sorry, but I don't take orders from the Satan's child like you." He sneered. "You have two choice, you can either come with me, or I'll have to do it by force."
"I won't mess with a girl if I were you." She moves the sharp edge of her Black Blade closer to his neck. "Because of your dumb attitude, you're nothing but an embarrassment to your daddy's power."
"Well then... I guess I have to take you by force then!" The huge blue flames suddenly burst out of his body including his tails when he quickly draws out his katana from his scabbard and knocks her Black Blade away from his neck without even a slight hesitation, making his pointed ears longer like an elf as well as having a horn like flames. Not only that, his left eye also turns red and is now covered with blue flames just like she has. "Now we're even! I'll show you why I have this power!"
Well, this is something, she thinks to herself as she quickly moves away from him and twirls around to face him, glaring at his blazing left eye while ignoring his stupid sneer in his face.
"In that case, I'll have teach you some lesson, school boy." She said to him as she readies her Black Blade.
It's time for you to know your place. Without hesitation, she releases her power inside her once more, bursting her flaming blue aura out of her eye. Idiot like him tries to copy me, what a low life. As she slowly takes the first step backward and bents herself down a little, the black haired boy quickly charges at her at full speed and slash recklessly at her, sending a large slice of flaming blue energy at her when he's close to her while slashing at her at the same time. She's able to counters his attacks in time as she quickly moves away from him, dodging his large slice of energy easily due to his slow movement. As she blocks all of his attacks, he runs close to her and collides his flaming katana against her Black Blade which causes both of their energy auras to collide against each other explode, turning the ground into a small crater.
"Say, what's your name, Gothic cheek?" He asks him while struggling his katana against her Black Blade. "The name's Rin Okumura."
"The name doesn't concern me." She answered coldly.
As both of them continues to struggles both of their blades, she pushes him back and slash ferociously at him while moving forward without even holding back, causing Rin to be stagger back and taking a heavy hits while trying to block her attacks. She feels her flaming blue aura blazed wildly when she uses both her strength and power combined. She then lunge her Black Blade directly at him and brutally stabs him repeatedly up close at blind speed as she quickly channels her power into her Black Blade, seeing her flaming blue aura blaze out of the blade. Her attacks are so fast and cruel that Rin can't even dodge in time, making him completely helpless against her overwhelming power, hearing his loud shriek in pain. This is what you get for getting in my way. She has seen many opponents before him getting in her way and wanted to fight her even if she has no intention nor a reason to fight anyone unless they became a threat to her. Many of them were killed as a result. This gives her the meaning that whenever there's someone gets her in her way and refuse to budge, she'll undoubtedly leaves no single persons alive. She does, however, admits that fighting is not the only option she has in her life. When she finishes stabbing Rin, she channels more of her power into her Black Blade and sends a final blow directly at him, causing him to be blown back by her powerful force and crashes against the metal rail fence. Before she can even take a deep breath, she's surprised when she saw Rin slowly standing up to his feet and blindly charges at her head on, hearing his loud roar and seeing his blue flames continues to blaze. He don't know when to quite, didn't he? She quickly counters his fierce but reckless attacks when he's close to her, sending his another slice of energy as well. As the fight wears on, she became more and more curious about why Rin has a powerful demonic power from the demon Satan when he's nothing more than an arrogant teenager who lacks a proper skill when it comes to sword. In fact, she has been wasting her entire time on someone like Rin who lacks a real skill as a fighter. Time to end this. As she hits Rin several more times with her quick slashes, she quickly ducks down to dodge his slash and sends him up in the air when she quickly slices him upward through his body, seeing more blood burst out of his body. While in midair, she sends several slices of energy directly at him without even giving him some time to breath as she quickly channels her power into her Black Blade once more, seeing her slices of energy quickly tore through him and unexpectedly cuts the entire building in half behind him. I hope this will be enough to keep you down for a while. She lands on the ground softly and watches Rin crashes down the ground, feeling her heart beating wildly with exhaustion when she has used up most of her stamina. However, she's soon wrong when she saw Rin standing up to his feet once more and charges at him head on once more without even bother to care for his horrendous wound she has given him, making another loud roar. The way Rin's behavior and his carelessness makes her realized something. Persistent moron... she thinks to herself as she quickly dodges his attacks, sensing his demonic energy begin to grow weaker. Using your body as a meat shield won't get you get anywhere. She sees Rin breathing heavily due to the loss of blood flowing out of his huge wounds she has give him despite the fact he looks okay. Worse, there's also a high chance that he will die before he can even scratch her because his bleeding did not stop. As she continues to blocks his attacks, she's suddenly falls down to the ground when Rin quickly knocks both of her legs off balance. Worse, he also knocks her Black Blade out of her hand.
"Hah! Come on, Satan's kid, is that all you got?!" Rin cried out as he flips his katana and attempts to stab her. "I can endure everything no matter how many times you hit me! In fact, I can do this all day! Say goodnight!"
That's it. As Rin's about to make a final blow, she quickly grabs his crotch and brutally crushes it without holding back, causing him to froze stiffly. At the same time, she sets his crotch ablaze when she channels her power into her right hand.
"Then let's see if you can endure this..." She speaks out to him as she crushes his crotch once more, hearing a loud sound of his crotch popping and cracking.
I hate using a cheap trick, she thinks to herself when she admits herself for what she has done. But that should teach him.
"You bitch…" He staggers back in pain while trying to prevent himself from shedding a tear as well as glaring at her unchanged look, gripping his katana tightly. "You are so fucking dead...!"
As Rin starts charging head on, she quickly jumps back on her feet and summons her Black Blade back to her hand. She then quickly moves out of the way as Rin attempts to lunge his katana directly at her, leaving him completely exposed. In less than a second, she removes the strap of her black scabbard as she quickly stabs directly into his right elbow, sheathing her Black Blade halfway while stabbing his right elbow deeper which causes him to lose his grip of his katana and drops it, seeing the oozes of his blood spurt out.  
"I told you..." She said to Rin slowly as she slowly twists her Blade Blade, causing more blood to oozes out of his right elbow. "Don't. Mess. With. Me."
Sweet dreams, she thinks to herself as she hits him directly in his face with her powerful fist, knocking him out unconscious and seeing his blue flames slowly dying out. As he falls down, she pulls her Black Blade out of his right elbow, making another horrendous wound when she tears it through.
"Learn not to plagiarize other people's style the next time we meet, rat boy." She said to Rin for the last time when she brushes the blood stain off her Black Blade and spins it gently before sheathing it back.
"Damn you, you bitch..." Rin moaned loudly as he tries to get up. "I'm...not..finished...yet..."
Idiot, your head will fly off next had you decide to stand up again and attack me like a stupid dog, she thinks to herself as she takes a last look at Rin before she turns and walks away from him, but she paused for a while when she realized something she should have done right now. What am I thinking? Why do I leave him alive when he's the one who stands in my way...? She clutches the scabbard of her Black Blade tightly when she begins to think deeper about her decision which causes her flaming blue aura to blaze wildly, turning her look back to Rin who's still struggling to stands up to his feet while breathing heavily.
"Wait...goddamn you...!" He cries out to her as he struggles to limp towards her.
But before he can even reach her, she watches him collapse to the ground unconscious. Now he's down for good. She stands idly and watches his blue flame continues to blaze as well as watching his blood slowly oozes out of his wounds. She's prepared to finishes him off for good, but for some reason, she remains still and does nothing. I think I have enough killing today, She thinks to herself as she's no longer clutching the scabbard of her Black Blade tightly anymore. But either way, that wouldn't change as for what I'm doing now. When there's absolutely nothing left for her to do, she turns to her Hiro and walks away from Rin.

After Alucard fight...

However, she's soon interrupted when she hears a demonic roar coming from above, sensing a huge demonic aura. In split second, she lifts her Blade Claw and blocks the demon's surprise attack as soon as she looks up, colliding it against the demon's weapon that turns out to be the same blade she has used from Rin. She's soon stunned with surprise when the demon she's facing now is none other than Rin himself except he's now covered in huge blazing blue flames around his body as well as his tail. However, he looks much different than before when she sees his psychotic look on his face which she thinks that he's extremely furious for what she did to him. However, his demonic power is also different this time. As she quickly throws Rin off of her with a single swing, she slowly stands up to feet and watches him sliding back on the ground before he stopped.
"I'm back, you motherfucker! Satan has come here to give you bunch of douche bags a great big hug!" Rin cried out in his demonic voice, making a huge maniac laugh. He then looks at her with his grin look. "So you must be the girl who beats the living shit out my rat ass son, correct? I gotta thank you for taking care of him since I'm so badly needed for a body to fuck with!"
"So you must be Satan the rat boy is talking about." She speaks out to Satan who's now possessing Rin's body as she slowly stands up to her feet.
Dammit, this is not the right time, she thinks to herself when she realized she's too weak right now to start another fight. She almost cannot see him when her vision starts to go blurry as well as feeling her body weakened by a exhaustion inside her. Despite this, she doesn't feel like giving up when someone like Satan is no different from his idiot son she has met and decides to hold herself back for while so that she can pulls herself together. The reason why is unknown even to her when she made that decision.
"Correct!" He answered. "I've never knew that someone else can have a pretty blue flames as I have, girl. How about joining my family as my daughter for my quest to unite Gehenna and this fucking world, won't you say?"
"No thanks, you ugly prick." She answered back with an insult.
Satan charges head on when she insults him and brutally slashes at her with his flaming katana blade. She's unable to react in time when she's forced to stagger back while being brutally slashed repeatedly, forcing her to lose grip of her Blade Claw and drops it. When he manages to corner her, he roars loudly as he stops slashing and throws thousands of flaming stakes and sticks her body against the wall. She feels a sharp pain when she lets his shard pierces into her body and watches her blood oozes out of her body, forcing her coughs out her blood as well. It's not long until her wound's been quickly healed up.  
"How do you like that, you bitch?" Satan chuckled coldly when he takes a closer look at her. "What a waste, you could have at least said yes."
As he's about breaks into laughing, he suddenly stopped when the mixture of flaming blue and purple aura burst out widely at the same time. Enough is enough, she thinks to herself as she decides to unleash her power inside her as soon as she starts to get annoyed by his voice.
"Shut up..." She speaks out as she slowly pulls herself free from his flaming stake by pushing through it cruelly, landing on the ground without even bother about her pain. "Your voice's starting to annoy me by a sec."
Before Satan can react, she quickly grabs his crotch upward at blind speed and brutally tears his damaged crotch off of him. What she has done is even crueler than the last one she has done with Rin.
"Grah!" Satan shrieked when he feels his crotch being ripped away, forcing him to stagger back away from her. "Y-you cheap little bitch!"
"Oops, I did it again..." She admitted with a small sarcasm as she cruelly crushes his crotch and drops what remains of it to the ground.
"I'll kill you!"
When he's unable take any more pain any longer, he roared and charges recklessly head on with his katana blade at ready despite the fact his severed crotch bleeds out more whenever he moves. She quickly dodges his attack as she moves out of the way and takes several steps back as soon as he repeatedly attacks her. She attempts to summons her Blade Claw back to her hand, but is interrupted when she sees Satan attempts to lunges his katana blade directly at her chest, forcing her to stop his attack by grabbing the flaming blade with her hand single handed. Persistent, aren't you? She thinks to herself as she holds the sharp blade while being pushed back against the wall by Satan's brute strength, ignoring the sharp pain when her hand is slit open and watches her blood oozes out. But I'm sure it sucks to be you. She feels the burn of her insane other self's tries to help her possessing her again like before, but she rejects it as she tries suppresses it inside her. As she slowly raises her other hand to summon her Blade Claw while holding the katana blade away from her, she unexpectedly saw something that has a black color flies towards her that's not one of her weapon. It's Alucard's Jackal when she's able to see it clearly in split second.
"Use this..." She suddenly hears the voice inside her head that sound very similar to the one she has defeated when senses another demonic power echoing around her though she doubted it's Alucard since she has already destroys his heart.
Without wasting her time to figure who actually did it, she quickly catches the Jackal by her left hand. Dammit, what am I suppose with this unless I...she thinks to herself when she quickly looks at the empty chamber of the Jackal, but she quickly stops thinking before she can finishes her thought when her idea she has made in split second hits her. She then aims it directly at Satan's face.
"Hah! What are you going to do with that empty gun, little girl?!" Satan laughed when he sees her aiming the Jackal that has no rounds to fire.
Keep laughing. While he continues to pushes his katana blade towards her chest, she slowly concentrate most of her power on the Jackal when she channels her power into, creating her own bullets as she slowly creates it though her power quickly drained when she does. In split second, she cocks the chamber of the Jackal by a press of the trigger as soon as she finished filling her power into it. She then sees Satan look quickly changed when she points the Jackal which is now covered in blue flames at his face. Have a taste of this. Without hesitation, she fires a single powerful shot directly at his face, but blows only half the chunk of his right arm when he quickly backs away and blocks her shot with his right arm, seeing his blood burst out of his exposed flesh as well as seeing his chunks of flesh flies out.
" fucking...monstrous...Gothic whore!" Satan cursed angrily when he clenches his teeth hard to endure the loss of his arm. "What in the fuck...what in the fucking hell are you?! Don't you have shred of humanity left in you?!"
"Am I? Then what about you? Are you man enough to stand up against me to begin with?" She asks him as she fires a shot without even caring what's going to happen to Rin when Satan decides to abandon his body, blasting his left arm in two. "A powerful yet arrogant and cowardice demon king?"
She fires another shot and blasts what's left of his right arm to pieces, causing Satan to lose grip of his katana blade and watches more of his blood oozes out as a result of her powerful shot of the Jackal she has in her hand. She also hears him groaning loudly in pain.
"Or just another asshole?"
She fires one more shot directly at his chest and watches his chunk of his flesh flies out when she made a huge hole in his chest, forcing him to stagger back. He almost shrieked when he's now in horrendous shape and no longer has arms.
"Fucking bitch, I've heard enough!" Satan roared furiously when his blue flames burst out widely, replacing his lost limbs with his blue flames that served as a artificial arm and quickly picks up the katana blade. "If you're so strong, then I'll make you as my new host!"
When she sees him charging directly at her, she lowers the Jackal and summons her Blade Claw back to her hand in split second. And when she catches it, she collide her Blade Claw against his katana blade as soon as she allows him to get closer, causing both of their energy to collide against each other and explode. While she holds her Blade Claw against his overwhelming strength, she feels her body suddenly being entangled by a invisible when she saw huge blue flames burst out of his burst and attempts to penetrate into her body, knowing that he's attempting to possess her. Oh, no you don't, she thinks to herself as she uses her power inside her and repels him with her powerful blue flames, but his overwhelming strength and power soon overwhelms. But before Satan can even touch her, he's soon repelled and is thrown back by her powerful blue flames, combine with a purple flames, when she decides to release half of her insane other self, forcing him to return back to Rin's body. She's then surprised her own flames suddenly absorbs most of his blue flames while trying to seal her insane other self's power inside, making her very powerful when she feels it. He's soon thrown back by her powerful combined flames when she pushes her Blade Claw, causing his blue flames to be destroyed and leaving him limbless again.
"No, this can't be!" Satan cried out in complete humiliation when he takes a few a steps back. "How can I, the bad ass Satan, be defeated by this Gothic bitch that has a same flame as I do?! I was to become a king of this fucking world!"
"Yeah..." She speaks out when she aims the Jackal carefully at his head, seeing the ring hammer being pulled back as she slowly squeezes the trigger. "Here's your crown, your majesty."
Before Satan can even a last word, she kills him when she fires a single shot without hesitation, seeing his face being blown apart and falls to the ground with his blood pours out of his exposed flesh. As she watches the last bit of his blue flames dies out, she saw a flaming blue soul that later turns out to be Satan himself emerge out of his body and flies away, leaving the now shredded body of Rin behind. However, she's soon amazed when she sees his severed head quickly healed back to where it was with the exception of his missing limbs and his huge hole in his head, seeing his body twitched a bit.
This is the entire of Black Rock Shooter fighting Rin Okumura from Chapter Two. I won't bother uploading the BRS VS Alucard since all the fight part is already there in CH2.5. Hope you enjoy it. Oh, and be warned, anti Ao No Exorcist are presented!

In case you can't brainstorm what the part is like, here's the vid where I got inspired by:

BRS get serious when Rin Okumura got arrogant:
BRS charging the empty Jackal that caught Rin Okumura by surprise:
BRS humiliate Rin Okumura while blasting his limbs to pieces(Skip to 4:10):
BRS shots Rin Okumura while saying "Here's your crown..."

To read full chapter of BRS The Devil's Cry Chapter two, click it here:

Image of Black Rock Shooter The Game intro belongs to Developer Imageepoch and other rightful owner.

Black Rock Shooter :iconbrsplz: belongs to HUKE
Rin Okumura :iconokumurarinplz: belongs to Kazue Kato
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I sort of flinched when BRS ripped off his dick
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you made this sound like a non fiction charecter can beat satan in such ease...
satan want your soul.........
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Sgtsoupie Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Really? I never thought of it XD
I was inspired by some episode of Devil May Cry anime to be honest:
kazeRaposo Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012
i honestly call bull shit, have you watch or read the manga of either of these? there's no way rin would be this outclassed or lost in a fight with BRS! i know for sure she wouldn't be walking away from a fight against satan! i was hoping for something worth reading when i saw this title but all i found was crap that looked to be written by a ignorant man-hating fan-girl/boy/thing

i know it looks like I'm trolling but i honestly don't care. I'm a fan of both black rock shooter and blue exorcist and reading this i pissed me off. i hope next time you write out a fight between two character you'll actually get your facts straight
Rune33 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012
Hey Mr KazeRaposo it's Called Fanfiction! It's Suppose not be totally based on The actual series that much.
Don't even dare critize me about this I don't care how big a fan you are. Yes it is trolling cause your being an ass about something totally trivial! Now I don't know much about things but I know that what he's doing is out of pure boredom and entertainment. It's you who needs to get his facts straight too. If your hate something like this than read my fanfics.
Sgtsoupie Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Really? Just one simple reason to call this my fanfic a crap when this one is entirely cut from one of my chapters? This one was made months before I start reading the manga. This one is actually based on what he have and what he's been doing in both the anime and manga, even for BRS. That is, if you based on your self contained fan idea. That includes both very good and very bad thing for both Rin and BRS. If I'm a ignorant fan boy, then this one would have been muddled with suck ass grammar and overdramatic stuff for little to no reason on one place to another like the other people did nowadays unless you explored beyond the anime world. In fact, this one would have been dead with little to no fave or comments.
You do realized there's other Rin and BRS fanfic in this site? I would suggest reading it if you don't like this one. Especially in Fanfiction site. And if you still think it's suck ass, why don't YOU make it yourself? Four years has passed and yet you still haven't made a single pic or even fanfic.
To begin with, have you ever bothered went through my other gallery? If you honestly don't care, then why do you even bother reading this one? No wonder you didn't bother reading my warning description and skimming through it. One more thing, all the thing you said to me is entirely your opinion. I would not give a shit whether you reply or remain "Absent" for the next month or so unless you construct your own opinion.
el-f1otakugamer Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012  Student Artist
Me: Although I like Ao no Exorcist and BRSxRin, this was epic :D! *adds to favs*

BRS: I think so XD.

Rin: Why you do you like to always see my a** getting kicked?

Me and BRS: Shut up Rin.

Rin: :(.
Sgtsoupie Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! Glad you like it!
Dante: Dude, rat boy. You do realize in this one, you're still alive except you're completely crippled like having a gigantic hole in your chest and having you limbs blown off by Rock-Chan's power.
Alucard: It suits my master perfectly...
BRS: It was entertaining. Really, I don't think me and this Rin person will go out very well.
el-f1otakugamer Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012  Student Artist
Rin: *replying to Dante* I'm not a genius (that's Yukio job), but isn't that basically get killed?

BRS: Just as you said, you're not a genius.

Rin: I hate you.

*BRS then points her cannon and sword at Rin, Dante and Alucard also shows up with their guns also pointing at Rin, DM, STR, BGS, Chariot and WRS also join the party against Rin, Vergil, who was just passing by, also points his weapons at Rin, Leon also comes with a gun to shoot Rin, then Wesker and Nemesis also comes to kick his a**, Me and you also shows up with knives and baseball bats to join the party, also Cloud and Sephiroth comes up pointing their swords at Rin, lastly, the rest of the Ao no Exorcist cast shows up, but instead of coming to help Rin, they also come to help us kick Rin's a**. And so, we begin a "Super Let's Kick Rin's ass Party"*

Rin: World and God hates me D,:
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